Airfome Durable Carrying Case for Mifo Wireless Earbuds
Airfome Durable Carrying Case for Mifo Wireless Earbuds

Airfome Durable Carrying Case for Mifo Wireless Earbuds

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Ultra durable carrying case for Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 wireless earbuds with integrated cord and accessory organizers. Prevent scratches and protect your O5 Plus, Plus Gen 2, Professional, and O7 Dynamic earbuds with our portable, durable, easy to clean carrying case.


  • Rugged reinforced shell with easy to open zipper and durable carrying strap
  • Secure elastic band to hold Mifo O5 and O7 case in place
  • Netted pouch with elastic band to hold accessories in place

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Straight forward earbuds

Straight forward earbuds. The design is not fancy as the Sony ones but they stay very well in the ear, sound great and the battery life is amazing thanks to the case. Brilliant product. Only thing is that the case is really heavy and a bit fidgety and they don't slot in with a magnetic lock which just feel better.

Gary Knight

They’re awesome, even better than my old O5 plus in all respects. Only problem they took 20 days from ordering to arrive.

Joseph Rickenbacher

First earbuds that really fit. Super sound. Excellent quality.

Good Protective Black Case

The case is a better protection to protect the Mifo already good looking hard case itself. Recommend it to anyone who buys will not disappoint you.

Lynne Merrick
Airfome Durable Carrying Case for Wireless Earbuds

A great, solid case handy to have

Compact and safe

The durable case for Mifo earbuds is a terrific design - charging case one side and accessories on the other, great for travelling

Christopher Watts

Airfome Durable Carrying Case for Wireless Earbuds

Ariel Miguel Toledo
Love everything except the buttons

Can't give it 5 stars due to the lack of touch controls, you literally have to find the button and they are hard to push, mifo needs to move forward and have a sequential touch buttons like the higher earbuds, other than that its a great product specially playing sports, its yet to fall out of my ears while playing golf

Mr T J Ratcliffe
Best in ear headphones ever

I received my Mifo earbuds and loved them immediately. The charging case is beautifully designed and the sound quality perfect.
I will be buying more for my family.

Michael Douglas Mills

The only negative I have is the length of time for delivery. The fit of the earbuds is very comfortable and the sound is excellent. The case to protect the Mifo is compact and sturdy. The Mifo unit containing the Earbuds is surprisingly small
but also surprisingly weighty, this to me is a sign of the quality and ingenuity of the design. The carry case is made of firm material and the Mifo is secured inside by elastic material. The case is closed by a zip. I am very happy with my purchase.